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Shag Carpets – Still a Popular Rug Style After All These Years

There are a number of different carpet types available for those that want to use this flooring style in their home. One that has a distinctive appearance is shag carpets. This style became popular in the 1960s and 70s, although is still around today and can be an attractive look to bring into a home.


The style of a shag carpet uses longer fibers that are less densely affixed to the carpet backing. This results in a more unkempt, messy appearance that allows the fibers to lie in different directions as opposed to the more uniform look of a standard carpet. The longer fibers allow for a deeper pile and this produces a softer feel for those walking on the carpet. This can make it a more comfortable floor covering to use in a home. While the style reached the height of its popularity in the 1970s, it is probably less commonly used these days. It is, however, a style that many people still opt for and many manufacturers still produce full carpets, as well as smaller rugs, with a shag finish.


These days, consumers have the choice of a few options when it comes to a shag carpet. Long fibers, reminiscent of the original style are still available, although it is also possible to get short shag and mini shag carpeting. Short shag tends to have fiber lengths that are around half that of the original long length. Mini shag has fibers that are not a great deal longer than the fibers in a standard carpet. This provides a few options for those that want to use the style in their home.


A number of materials can be used to produce shag carpeting and rugs. Some of the more common options include wool, cotton and acrylic, which are typically used in the production of many carpet styles. For a more unique look it is possible to find shag carpets produced in other materials, with one that many people opt for being a leather shag carpet.

Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons of shag carpeting. On the plus side it produces soft and comfortable underfoot flooring and many people like it for these reasons. It can also have a more stylish look than a standard carpet for those that want a centerpiece feature for a room. On the negative side, a shag carpet can be more difficulty to care for. The longer fibers are more likely to pull out from the backing and therefore it needs to be cleaned and vacuumed carefully to avoid shedding. The longer fibers can also be more likely to suffer damage in comparison to standard carpet fibers.

For anyone that wants to create a different look for their home, shag carpets are an option to consider. With the variety of colors and patterns available, it is not difficult to produce a distinctive appearance in a room and the comfort the deep pile offers can make the style a good choice to opt for.